Geah, Ltd. implements and manages communications campaigns and strategic alliance programs by using its network of teams of top professional consultants in various fields and expertise, ensuring a fully integrated and deliverable finished product – all under the guidance of Peter Carzasty.


I met Peter through the Luxury Marketing Council. We routinely share information and resources as professional kindred spirits. Peter’s professional strength is his spirited assessment and thorough forensic analysis of anything he sets his sights on. He has an uncanny awareness of the subject’s potential value and relevance. He is able to incorporate the client’s narrative within today’s business and cultural environment. Peter is all about results. What I love about Peter is his ability to turn even the smallest or obscure bit of information into a fresh and compelling story.


Leadership Advisor/Executive Coach, Life Sciences & High Tech
    As far as I'm concerned Peter "walks on water." For me it was 'a click' from our first meeting, so much so that he is a partner and holds membership in The Luxury Marketing Council, and architect of our "Marriage of Business and The Arts" series. His considerable assets include his creative ability to think strategically, always with the big picture in mind and his appreciation of the day-to-day business imperatives of top management. Peter is extremely resourceful and has a most impressive network of top management folks who think as highly of him as I do. He possesses both media and marketing savvy, and has a great sense of humor and is just great fun to work with. I'm grateful to count Peter as a friend and trusted advisor.


      Peter is a sophisticated and skilled communicator and staff leader with an enduring reputation and lasting relationships with a wide variety of media. His talent resides not only in being able to accept the professional assignment, but provide an immersive examination of the endeavor, offering various options for goals and objectives far beyond what is initially conceived for the endeavor. He sees opportunities, implications and connections far beyond the average individual. His career successes are consistently achieved with efficiencies and effectiveness.